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Our Story

From The Beginning

In 2015 close friends Stephen Burton and Brent Maloney charted a course to create a new kind of agency—one with a conscience. Lumentum was born out of a belief that every brand can be a catalyst for good. We are here to break rank with the status quo and light up the world with creative expressions that move people to sit up and take notice. You believe in what you do. You believe that it matters, that it’s different, that it’s noteworthy. We’re here to make sure the rest of the world believes it, too.

We believe that behind every great brand is a conviction to affect change.

Our Conviction

Behind every great brand, there’s a group of people who at some point dreamed big and risked everything on a shared “what if”; people who signed declarations and forged manifestos about the business they would one day be, without the slightest idea how it would happen. If that describes you, then consider yourself among friends. It’s exactly this fighting spirit of creative comrades willing to sacrifice for worthy causes that defines Lumentum. With a blend of coffee and creativity, we inspire and elevate brands from Atlanta to everywhere life takes us. We invite you to explore where we’ve been through some of the featured projects.


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