FarFlung started as a dream in a college student’s heart. “How can we help non-profit organizations from around the world tell their story in a way that causes others to feel like they are right there with them? How can we go even farther than that? How can that story motivate those who hear it to join the cause?” A college kid with a big dream started asking big questions, and Far Flung Tin Can was born.


FarFlung’s founder approached us with a simple vision of flinging a tin can string phone across the world. Everywhere that tin can lands, a new connection of life change is formed. It is with this vision that we had the privilege of developing the Far Flung Tin Can brand from the ground up.

Far Flung Tin Can is a great example of what we love most about what we do…taking our client’s vision and bringing it to life. We recently completed our seventh DVD project. As we wrapped up, Kyle said, “You know, you’re gonna be doing this for a really long time.” We certainly hope so.